We founded the Kelly Ryan Foundation to help families suffering pregnancy/infant loss with burial or cremation costs.

Kelly Ryan was 39 weeks, and I was in labor when my doctor looked me in the eye and said, “There is no heartbeat.”

One in every four women will experience pregnancy/infant loss at some point in their lives. Those who do not will still likely be touched by it: someone they know, their friend, their sister or their co-worker may experience pregnancy/infant loss.

We were lucky to be able to afford a burial for Kelly Ryan; many families cannot and the options open to them are not only unthinkable, but they also do not offer the dignity, mourning, and closure of burial or cremation.

We hope that by sharing our story and growing this foundation to provide assistance, education, and resources, we can help other families who are mourning the loss of their child.

To date, the Kelly Ryan Foundation has raised over $100,000 in support of our cause. We have assisted with burial costs for over 100 bereaved families who have lost children, and helped countless more through community outreach and education.